Level 1 Membership
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Provides the following benefits: We provide structured group Workouts in each disciple during the season a number throughout the week organized by skill level hosted by us and through our group partners. These works occur on a rolling basis and announce via social channels, online calendar and GroupMe. Workouts are subject cancelation based on in climate weather and/or holidays. Once you are a member you will have access to our web & group content through your created login. We are a collective of dope and unique individuals! We don't just training together but meet for happy hours, house parties, friendsgivings and much more. In addition to social events we also are here to give back to the community we live and train. We have a couple team MANDATORY events/ service commitments members are expected to participate:
  • Annual Kick off Meeting ( Happens around February / March)
  • Annual Holiday Party (Happens in December)
  • Attend at-least 2 Featured team races whether to cheer or compete
  • 10 Volunteer hours / year that you must submit to the "Director of Membership"
  • Have FUN šŸ™‚
Being a member gives you an expanded cheer section at local area races and the opportunity to participate in both free and paid clinics through DT coaches and our partners such as:
  • Swimming
  • Biking
  • Running
  • Various specialty clinics on nutrition, training, racing, and achieving your triathlon goals
  • Open water swim workouts through our waveOne partner at the national harbor
  • A community of triathletes to train with and support similar goals
  • A wealth of triathlon experience and information available at any time
  • Discounts at our merchantĀ partners
  • Monthly email newsletter about club activities
Level 2 Membership
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Recommended for New Members In addition to Level 1 benefits, choosing this option gets you:
  • Members Only Team Tech TeeĀ 
  • Members Only Bag Tag & Transition Mat